Getting Started

Getting started with Flex Property Management is really easy. Whether you email us or make a telephone call, you will find a freindly and knowledgable staff member ready to answer your questions. Initially we try to learn about your needs and ideas and then we explain what Flex Propety Management can do for you. Second, we will foward to you an electronic brochure and a blank management agreement for your review. Finally, upon your approval, we will set up your account and begin taking on the responsibiliteis of your property management.

Call Now To Get Started

Time Line

It is important that we have as much time in advance to get to know the tenant. First, we will prepare and send to them a Welcome Package. Included in this package is a welcome letter, refrigerator magnets with address and emergency phone numbers, contact information incentives and more. The optimal time in advance of the rent due date is 10 days or more, however, we can move in as little at 3 days. It’s all about a seamless transition that insures delivery of the rent money.